Is Dubai An Overrated Holiday Destination?

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Dubai has been on the top tourist location in the middle east in recent years. However, is this destination overrated? Well here are some reasons why people love Dubai and things to keep in mind when planning a vacation to Dubai.

1.) Best travel convenience: As a result of the popularity of Dubai and the number of people who travel to Dubai yearly, there are so many travel agents to help you process your journey, arrival and stay at Dubai.

2.) Great hospitality and aesthetics for pictures: If there's anything this generation appreciates, it is a good hotel stay coupled with lovely pictures.

3.) Interesting tourist attraction locations: Dubai has so many tourist attractions and activities in which experiences can be shared with loved ones. Here are some interesting tourist attractions;

  • Burj khalifa

  • Dubai dessert tours: This is another interesting part of Dubai which involves, Dune bashing, camel rides, Barbecue under a beautiful star view, traditional dance performance, hot air balloon drive and a lot of other fun activities there's to enjoy in desert Safari

  • Dubai water parks

  • Dubai city site seeing

  • marina dinner cruise

  • Abu Dhabi day trip from Dubai

  • Scenic helicopter flight

  • Seaplane flight above palm Jumeirah and Burj khalifa

  • Jetski

  • zip line across the marina

  • parasailing

4.) Best shopping location: Everyone loves a good shopping location with quality goods and at good prices. Dubai Malls offers this and some stores even offer sampling. As an African, it's a big deal to get the opportunity to test something, before deciding to buy it.

Here's what's not to love.

1.) Limited menu options: If you are a picky eater, or you are not familiar with foreign dishes, there are chances you might have difficulty getting your kind of food. This is because for some hotels and restaurants, the menu is limited to certain kind of meals. So except you have an adventurous taste bud, you might be stuck with just snacks for your period of stay.

2.) Weather and crowd issues : Because of the extremely hot weather at summer and the seasonal rush of crowd when the weather is good, a few people might not consider it a good get away holiday destination, especially if you are looking to get away from the crowd and hustle and bustle.

3.) Expenses: For most of the tourist attraction location, you have to pay money and also book ahead plus there are a whole lot of other expenses, hence it is a holiday destination for those who are very financially stable.

To answer the question if Dubai is an overhyped/overrated holiday destination or not, I would say, to some, it might be overrated and to some, it might not be overrated. It all depends on what you are looking for.

However, I would say it is a must try out holiday destination with your loved ones.