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“I Wish Female Photographers Would be well Recognized in our Society“ - Sandra Serwah Siaw

Updated: Oct 16, 2022


A picture has power because it helps us revisit a time when emotions were beautifully displayed. People connect with images, and they reveal how life used to be before the present.

Photography allows you to express yourself. Photography can motivate you to explore, enjoy life, and cherish the little things. It helps you become more conscious of the small things in life. One photographer who captures moments in their purest form is Sandra Serwah Siaw.

Sandra Serwah Siaw is a Ghanaian photographer who produces dynamic images that tell stories about the people she encounters. She started photography early due to the circumstances surrounding her childhood and has fallen in love with it. Photography is not only a thing of passion for Serwah, but it is also her life.

After picking up the camera at age 10, Serwah hasn’t let go of it since. This has birthed an admirable photographer whose father remains her source of inspiration. 

Sandra Sewah Siaw

Here’s how our interview with her went: