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“I Love Fashion but Hate Shopping” - Fashion Stylist, Regina a.k.a Les Robeuses

Updated: Jun 6, 2022


Regina, a Paris-based fashion stylist and personal shopper known by her business name Les Robeuses, has a highly distinct style.

It's almost as if you've been transported to the 1970s if you read through her Instagram or look at her styling portfolio. Regina adores vintage clothing and knows how to wear them!

One would expect that a personal shopper or stylist who has worked with so many French celebrities would consider shopping a way of life. But Regina despises shopping! Here's what she has to say about her personal style and career:

I am from the Gemini tribe, I am a black woman living in the Paris region, and a self-taught fashion stylist (if we can say so), however I have an image consultant certificate. I love fashion but hate shopping, I love quantum physics and computer science (I have an engineering degree in IT by the way), I'm a full time optimist and dreamer and I dress up to go grocery shopping! I am introverted and a homebody, contrary to what some people think. And finally, I am the second to last of my parents and I’m proud of my Central African origins on one hand and my African origins above all.

FR: Je suis de la tribu des Gémeaux, je suis une femme noire vivant en région parisienne, et une styliste de mode autodidacte (si on peut le dire ainsi), je détiens toutefois un certificat de conseillère en image. J’aime la mode mais je déteste faire les magasins, j’aime la physique quantique et l’informatique (j’ai d’ailleurs un diplôme d’ingénieur en informatique), je suis une optimiste et une rêveuse à temps plein et je me sape même pour aller faire les courses ! Je suis introvertie et casanière, contrairement à ce que certains pensent. Et pour finir, je suis l’avant dernière de mes parents et fière de mes origines centrafricaines d’une part et africaines avant tout.

What language is your brand name “Les Robeuses”, and what’s the meaning?</