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“I create with a sort of freedom of a child’s thought”- Adeolu Osibodu on his style of photography

The Times You Don’t See Coming

The image that introduces this interview is one of the most striking images of 2022 so far.

With over 8000 likes on our Instagram page and multiple creative platforms, you can tell there's something special about this art, as there is about every piece Adeolu Osibodu creates.

Adeolu Osibodu, whose first exhibition opened on April 30th in Berlin, Germany, shares with us the inspiration behind his works, the messages he is attempting to convey, and his greatest achievement thus far.

Kindly introduce Adeolu Osibodu to an audience just learning of him for the first time.

Adeolu Osibodu

I'm a photographer/PhotoArtist born in Lagos, Nigeria. I started exploring photography in 2015 at the age of 18. I always wanted a craft where I could express myself with very few words and "creating photographs" seemed just right. The fact that I could make things in my little way without being dependent on alot of external factors or large productions felt really easy going. I started out with my mobile phone as I did not want to wait to get a camera. I eventually got one after a while of enjoying the craft.

Briefly tell us about your journey into the world of photography/photo artistry. How did you find your medium and style, and who and what influenced you along the way?

Time Tells A Tale

I initially started very randomly. The basic things around me that looked interesting. Clouds, plants, water and trees. With time, I began to experiment with self portraiture and more composed lighting. I remember being very experimental and wanting to try weird ways of achieving results. Now that I think about it. That was a big part of the fun. It could moments when I didn't have lights and I had to tie a reading lamp to fan to recreate a spotlight.

There seems to be a lot of reference to your childhood experiences, was there any specific moment(s) that have a role to play in the work you create?

Saggios By The Door

I feel as we grow up, we tend to become more rigid and dispose of playful thoughts and ideas. I like to see them come to life and create with a sort of freedom of a child's thought. I suppose the moments of referencing childhood come from a sense of wanting to be expressive.

What messages are you trying to pass across with your photographs? If you could change something in the world or your immediate environment, what would it be?

Even When The Thrill Is Gone

I feel a big part of creating is getting to see people including yourself being moved by the work. People from all walks and ages of life. This gives a sense of a universal bond. That in itself is an immense feeling; One of responsibility; One I hope eventually contributes to the human stand against injustice.

One of your photographs captioned “The times you don't see coming” recently went viral on so many creative platforms. How did you feel about this? Can you tell us more about that image series?


It felt good. The image feels like it's moving. I like that I can still stare at the work as a third party and be moved. I'm grateful. I'd always wanted to work with large garments that form sorts of shapes. Also the hat which was partly made with cardboard. I worked with the talented model; Joanne Ojeifo who is very inspiring.

Your piece of art has elements that represent the uniqueness a black and white effect gives to an art piece. What interests you in this effect? Would you say it’s a part of your photography style?

No Time For Dilemma

I recently began shooting majorly black and white images. I just feel a sense of ease and the picture being at it's core. Maybe it's a phase but I really love the emphasis it gives an photograph.

Going through some of your photographs, we see the inclusion of nature. Why is this an important element in your photography?

Home Is A Masterpiece

For some reason, I hardly infuse elements of urbanization or civilization. I suppose nature has a sense of serenity. Like a child.

Creative work often requires collaboration or teamwork. What virtues do you think have helped you maintain a good relationship with your team or other creatives?

The Past Weighs Heavy

I think most people i work with are my friends. This provides an easy foundation to create. They are willing and just as inspired as you are to bring the work to life.

What has been your biggest challenge on this journey so far? When things seem to be going slow, what keeps you going?

Home Made Scars

I'll say things have gotten better with time and If at all there are challenges, they are self inflicted. The joy of being able to create is having to turn or channel your circumstance into the work. So I won't say challenges, more like drive.

When did you realize that your big break had arrived in your career?Any achievements you would love to share?

Scented Thoughts Before the Rain

Ha. Has it? I still feel like the 18-year-old kid on his bed watching photoshop tutorials at 3AM. I'm just grateful for the opportunities and the audience. The feeling of having people appreciate your work is unmatched. I'll be having my Solo exhibition in Berlin at the ArtCo gallery later this month. Surreal.

What is your advice to young people looking up to you or young creatives who are just beginning their careers?

I Love to Watch You Dance

Just work. Feed the work your effort. Like any other thing. You'll get the results.

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01 may 2022

His working is amazing!

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