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"I advise male talents to share their plans with their families"-Senegalese Model, Pape Diouf

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Senegalese born fashion model, Pape Diouf has been labelled "weird" by those who do not understand his style but he doesn't let the opinion of naysayers stop him from celebrating himself and his roots. The model who lives in the city of Dakar, Senegal, speaks to us on how having a supportive family and the right company can help one realize their dreams.

I decided to be a model about a year ago. My family has helped me a lot, especially my mother. She always gives me good advice, telling me that she knows what I'm worth, and that fashion is my whole profile. My friends also help me a lot with my projects and it gives me great pleasure for the trust they all have in me.

Pape reveals that he was different from other people even before he became a model. Whenever he went on outings, people look at him weirdly, "maybe it's because I'm not in their world, I love myself the way I am with my alternative style," he adds.