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JésùSégunLondon is the shoe brand redefining luxury with African textures and Italian Workmanship


On today’s #BrandsWeLove, We Feature luxury shoe brand @jesusegunlondon

JésùSégunLondon is a high-end shoe brand that has earned a name for itself in the fashion world since its establishment in 2016, thanks to its creative designs and timeless craftsmanship.

Andrew Mackenzie

Andrew Mackenzie founded the brand, JésùSégunLondon following a brief time in the music industry after graduating from university.

Mackenzie turned his passion and talent into a premium brand that has created a lasting impression, exhibiting a selection of footwear inspired by the brightness and color of African culture, blended with the sophisticated tradition of handcrafted Italian shoe-making, yet distinctly British.

Jesu Segun London specializes in bespoke design, crafting one-of-a-kind, made-to-order pieces for clients utilizing a variety of highly sought-after materials (such as the exotic skins of ostrich, snake, python, crocodile, and box calf leather) and accommodating all foot shapes and sizes.


The label is noted for its bold and exquisite designs that combine modern African colors and textures with traditional Italian workmanship, and it has been featured at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Africa Fashion Week, among other major fashion events.


To ensure unrivaled comfort, quality, and elegance, each shoe is meticulously developed and handcrafted by professional artisans.

We also love how the brand is supporting young visual artists with the release of their new collection. The The campaign shoot was done by Roasted Kweku incorporating African roots and elements.

Images by @roastedkweku



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