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7 things you might be doing to push him away.

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Sometimes, that special someone starts acting up and you don't know why. They seem difficult to reach and distant. Sometimes you wonder if it's something you did wrong or said wrong, well it you might be wrong and you might be right. You might be wrong sometimes, because he's probably cheating or falling out of love with you, and that's not your fault. Other times, you might just be right, you did something wrong.

Here are 7 things you are doing to push him away.


Ladies love perfection, it's their natural instinct, so when they see something wrong, they want to fix it. The problem is, sometimes, this is a toxic behavior to them and their partners. It can be toxic for ladies because they are trying to fix what's not worth fixing. Other times, it's toxic to men because if your method of correction feels like an attack, he gets exhausted trying to please you, then he gives up and starts to move back and close up to himself. Therefore, check your method and words when correcting him, do they come off as attack?

Inadequate appreciation:

Most men of this current generation just want to please their ladies and make them smile. Are you faulting in appreciating the little things he does? Or you are so focused on what he didn't do. When you fail to appreciate the little things a guy does, he starts to feel useless to you, his ego starts to get dented, and then he starts to withdraw and close up. Make sure you appreciate the little things he does, let him know you appreciate him, while at it, you can request or communicate those things you desire.


As much as possible, try not to nag, if you have warned him about something and he has refused to change, draw the line, take drastic steps eg let him know you are angry with him, probably a silent treatment or something, if he really cares about your opinion, he'll fix up. If he doesn't change, then let him go queen.

Talking too much

Practice listening, sometimes they need someone to listen without interruptions. This varies for some guys, some just want you to listen, while others are open to your opinions and advise, know the type he is.


Sometimes in a bid to help, ladies are misunderstood as controlling, sometimes you just have to leave him to handle his stuff alone while supporting him. If you ever come off as bossy to a guy, he feels insecure and starts to close up. Instead of trying to take control of the situation, suggest solutions to him in a subtle manner and let him know how you can help, but don't step in except he wants you too.


A lot of guys complained that each lady slacked months or years into the relationship and stopped doing what she was doing initially that got his attention. It could be in dressing, carriage, career etc. Never lose sight of yourself and stop taking care of yourself. Those things you were doing in the beginning of the relationship that caught him, keep doing them, don't slack.


Whenever some guys are going through stuff, they tend to distance themselves from their lovers till they have fixed the problem or till they feel worthy of her love and affection. You either give him space when he's going through things, or just be there for him in silence, not demanding or craving attention. After he's better, you can demand attention.



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