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How to Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions if you Struggle with Procrastination.


An English writer, Edward Young in one of his poems refers to procrastination as a "thief of time."

Procrastination is not just a thief of time, it is a thief of destiny. As part of the tradition for the new year, most people are making plans for the new year, coming up with new year resolutions, and goals for the new year. If however, you struggle with procrastination, reaching your goals and keeping up with your new year resolution may be a lot harder. These are ways to keep up with your new year's resolutions as someone who still struggles with procrastination.


Know your "whys"

Knowing why you are choosing to make that resolution and reminding yourself frequently of your reasons will help you stay focused on your goal.


Take action

Action will destroy your procrastination. - Augustine "OG" Mandino


Taking action is the best way to end procrastination. Just do it! If your new year resolution is to create more art, just go ahead and create more art. Start with the smallest action you can take, then move up to the more complicated aspect of your work. If your goal is to visit the gym thrice a week, start the year by buying new workout clothes, and then move on to register at a gym in your area. Doing something, even if it is small, is always better than doing nothing at all.


Don't think too much about it.


Sometimes, we spend so much time thinking about the tasks ahead instead of just doing those tasks. Don't think too much about what you need to do. Whenever your tasks come to mind. Get up and do something about it. Just like was said above, you don't have to do everything at once. If a task for the next day comes to your mind, rather than think hard and long about it, set a reminder for it. Do something to make you prepared for it.


Surround yourself with people who are DOERS.


Ever heard the quote by Jim Rohn "you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with?"


When you hang around people who take action, you are encouraged to do that as well. If you find that you have problems taking action, be open enough to ask your proactive friends for help, suggestions, and advice. That friend who seems to be all about action may have struggled with procrastination in the past too, tell them about your problem and see how they can help you.


Face your fear of failure


Many times, procrastination is caused by the fear of failing. You may worry about taking action because you fear that you will not get the needed results. Failure is not something to fear though. You may ask yourself what if I fail? But what if you don't? Even if you do fail, you become more confident to try again and try a different method. Failure can be helpful if you let it.  Boldly face your fear of failure and allow yourself to do what you need to do.


Stay motivated


All you need sometimes is a little motivation to get started and keep you going. Make a list of great motivational quotes, and read them aloud each morning to keep you refreshed and help you stay motivated. You may also try reading about someone who has achieved what you hope to achieve, watching motivational videos on YouTube, reading motivational books, and taking any other action to help you stay motivated.



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