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Hamamat African Village: A Skin Care Tourist Destination


In Northern Ghana, the Hamamat African Village Tamale is a tourist destination that resembles a rural home with African decorations. It offers a wide range of delectable cuisine served on locally crafted tableware for a unique dining experience. This village serves as both a place to live and a place to make shea butter. The hamlet is most renowned for its large amounts of Shea butter production. Shea butter production is a family legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation in this lovely community. In fact, their mothers and grandmothers had taught them how to produce shea butter since they were children. Though shea butter is produced by a number of individuals in Ghana, this village's is unique.


The owner of the beauty village Hamamat Monita and her family are very active in the cultivation and harvesting of shea nut trees in order to aid in the production and export of shea nuts to other countries. Hamamat Monita who is also a former beauty queen and one of Ghana's most famous businesswomen enjoys having tourists at the core of her African Village as she welcomes them year-round. A handful of fresh hand crafted shea butter from Hamamat African Village is for you if you're looking for a natural and safe solution to renew and keep your youthful looks.


You can also pay a visit to Hamamat African Village to see how this shea butter is being extracted, processed, and shipped. Tourism in Ghana is on the increase, and Hamamat's African Village is on our list of must-see destinations, as it should be on yours as well. A visit to Hamamat African Village will provide you with an intriguing and inspiring experience in the manufacturing of natural products as well as a taste of another culture.



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