Gibrilville has released cinematic videos for his singles "Can of Soda" and "Angels."


Gibrilville, a hip-hop and afrobeat artist, has released his latest single, 'Can of Soda,' shortly after receiving his Akademia Award. On June 4th in California, Gibrilville received the 2022 Outstanding Legacy Award, which recognized his contribution to creating a musical legacy deemed timeless and important for future generations.


Beginning with 'Can of Soda,' Gibrilville stands at the top of the lighthouse, dressed in orange overalls, singing into a microphone. While visually appealing, the overalls also represent Gibrilville's time in prison, bringing the lyrics to life. As the song concludes, it seamlessly transitions into the next track, 'Angels,' which finds Gibrilville singing on the rocks of the shoreline with the ocean behind him. The sound of crashing waves as the sun sets adds a heartfelt poignancy to the song's emotion.

Can of Soda' was made in collaboration with KaySo, a producer from Ghana, where Gibrilville was born. Foreign Exchange Records, a music production company founded by Gibrilville to promote hip-hop and afro beats, is currently distributing the song globally.