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Gabriel Bambo, The Photographer With An Acute Angle Twist

"Inspiring people is another form of success" - Kanye West. To Gabriel, photography is not just about taking pictures but inspiring and helping individuals ignite their passion.

Gabriel Bambo known as Acutegabriel, is a visual artist from South Africa who has chosen photography as his primary means of expression.

He perceives the world through a camera lens and has had expertise and experience in a variety of fields (fashion, event, artistic, and creative director). He Photographs with an Acute Angle Twist, Visual Poetry, and a Passion For Time's Unseen Spaces.

Gabriel, who is passionate about photography, organized two successful photowalks in Mokopane, Limpopo, where he taught and assisted individuals who needed assistance with photography. For the past three years, Bambo has held pop-up photography exhibitions to commemorate his birthday.

Bambo received the GQ men of the year awards event photographer among other prizes a year into his shooting profession. In Mokopane, Limpopo, he had the opportunity to co-host tea sessions with Diva. An event in which they provide a platform for youth and adults to meet through innovative dialogues, which are complemented by a variety of tea and a live music.

It is noteworthy, that Gabriel Bambo also spent three years as a lifestyle photographer for Zulu Mkhathini. Moving forward, he photographed Riky Rick's pop-up store in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, where he co-directed the largest shot ever taken in Braamfontein with Frypan Mfula. Mellowmmino hired Bambo as a creative director (SA Songstress). In 2018-2019, he also worked as a digital photographer for VUZU TV.

Bambo tells us that he is currently working on a photo book, which will be a compilation of photographs aimed at preserving his hometown of Mokopane, Limpopo and we can’t wait to see it.



Mar 14, 2022

Thank very much yall


Jan 27, 2022

Job well done Gab,things we like to read about, keep on rising king.


Jan 25, 2022

That is what we call a spirited human being... Keep ur head up nd shine Bowy (tht is all we are about _ Greatness) 👏


Jan 24, 2022

Home boy is doing the most 👏 I can't wait for his book. Congratulations 👏

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