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Gabriel Bambo: On the journey of passion, shooting with nature and living in South Africa

Updated: May 27, 2022


The best moment for me as a photographer was hosting my exhibition in my hometown Mokopane where everybody wore black clothes and were seeing my journey as a photographer for the first time and had nothing but beautiful things to say. I cried. The lowest moment was when I had to start from scratch because they had stolen all my equipment in 2010 but I kept strong and pushed forward with the help of my friends and family.


In this exclusive interview, Gabriel Bambo, a talented visual artist from South Africa, recounts his first experiences with photography and passion—the point from which his journey began. Aiming to inspire the youth to take life by the reins and express ourselves through our purpose in arts. He recounts his highs, lows, and biggest lessons, sharing words of wisdom to those dreaming like him.

From the series “The Blacker the Berry”

The essence of creativity for me is being able to overcome the fear of failure, most of the work and moves I make are based on love and not fear. As I look at the youth today I'm worried that they are stopped or delayed because they want things to be perfect. My advice to them would be to just try, there is no failure in trying to be better than your current state, you owe yourself that much.

Full interview availabe now in “The Essence of Creativity” Click here




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