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Five Creative and Fun Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

Photo by mindofjr

Outdoor photoshoots have many benefits. You can use natural light to any degree, under a shade or even under the sun's full glare. Natural lights help viewers appreciate your photos' subjects more as they reveal their color's richness, especially people.

Some outdoor photoshoot scenes are not exclusive to any geographical location; you can execute them correctly whether you're in an urban or rural area. And again, with just your smartphone. We have highlighted five such outdoor photoshoot ideas below.

A book scene

Photo by Sarf_bort

In this scene, your subject could be the book with a person as your foreground or vice versa. These scenes highlight serenity to the viewers and are both exciting and engaging.

Important props

A clean hardcover book

A subject

A field/ shaded lawn or verandah

To execute this well, you need a good hardcover book; ideally, have your subject read them as you take different shots. The background could be your subject sitting in a colorful field, or you can have them sit under the shaded part of a lawn.

Another background you could have is a picnic set, mats on beach sand, colorful petals, and bright colored objects all around, then have your subject sit in the middle of all these and click away. A picnic set is best done just after sunrise.

A bike scene

Photographer: @isinbaeva

In this kind of scene, the uniqueness of your photo relies on the type of bicycle you choose. A touring bike or utility bike will bring more life to your photos.

Important props

  • Colorful wall

  • A bike

  • A subject  

For this shoot, you can have your subject hold the bike, leaning in front of a wall. Your subject can assume different poses too. Try many things and pick the most appealing.

If there is no colorful wall around you, no worries, you can use a plain wall and Photoshop with color later.

Plant/flower shadow play


Flower or plant play is an exciting shoot. It can instantly transform an ordinary scene into an artistic one.

Important props

  • Elegantly designed plants or flowers

  • A subject

  • Direct sunlight 

To execute this, have your subject face the direction of the sunlight. Hold up the flowers or plants in front of their face so the sun can cast its shadow on them.

Any background is fine for this shoot as long as it does not have too much going that it takes attention away from your subject. The focus in this shoot should be your subject only.

Sky shots

Photo by Buchifiles

Portrait of a black female model wearing a cheetah print jacket and brown leather pants. Fashion Photography. Blue sky. Outdoor photoshoot in an open field. Credit: NaBrayah Jones Studios.

Sky shots are fantastic. They come in handy if you do not have enough outdoor space to take photos. You only need the clear blue sky for these shots for your background.

Important props

  • A subject

  • The sky

To execute this, there are not many rules; your subject could be anything, and if they are people, they can wear any outfit. Don't be shy to get in awkward positions to get the right angle for your photos here. Place your camera on the floor and angle for the sky, and take as many shots as you want till you get the perfect one.

Clothesline shoot


Easy to execute, stylish, and unique, you just need to form an attractive pattern with the clothesline.

Important props

  • A subject

  • Clotheslines

  • White fabrics/ vibrant colored fabrics

To get started, have your subject stay between different lines at different angles; the more lines and clothes, the more options you have with this shoot.

Although we advise you to stick to white fabrics or at least pastel-colored fabrics so you can have neat results, in the end, do not be scared to push the boundaries, you can try vibrant primary colors and see what outcome you prefer.



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