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South African Photographer and Model, Kitso Kgori is Detailing Vision and Creating a Balance

Updated: May 27, 2022


It is difficult being a female photographer, never mind Black, especially here in Cape Town. I’m generally a person that works hard and plays hard.”

More female talents are beginning to dominate the creative scene and we are here for it. South African female photographer, Kitso Kgori was Born in Pretoria and raised in Mafikeng North West by a single mother. Growing up in a single-parent household and seeing the strength of her mother has greatly influenced her photography, as she uses her passion for capturing photos in celebrating women of colour.


“I’m trying to change the ‘African narrative’ that international photographers always portray of us across the globe. My work tries to show the strength, and grace of black culture through the styling or setting/location, and makeup. My photography predominantly features African women from all over the continent. I have a natural, high-contrast aesthetic.”

Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi by Kitso Kgori

Kitso Kgori, a fast-rising photographer on the South African scene gives insight into the inspirations and themes that guide her captures. Centring on the essence of creativity as told by African aesthetics and culture, this Prazzle exclusive also looks at the plans for her future as a creative.

Full interview availabe now in “The Essence of Creativity” Click here




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