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Fashion Brand, Banke Kuku Makes a Statement with African Prints at Lagos Fashion Week 2021.

You all already know how much we enjoy promoting African culture, particularly in terms of design and style, and we couldn’t help but notice bankekuku’s designs showcased at the ongoing Lagos Fahion Week.

Banke’s ability to communicate through patterns and colors has given her work a unique identity. She creates elaborate, unusual, and rich fabrics for interiors, soft furnishings, and apparel by fusing traditional west-African and Western-eclectic influences.

Her design aesthetic is a whirlwind of color and energy that is remarkable. Her primary source of inspiration has been the explosion of life and color in her native west-African tropical rainforest (the Niger Delta), which she has translated into luxurious fabrics and textures to create a distinctive, striking look. Banke's work is intense, whimsical, and graceful all at the same time.

The beautiful views of some of the designs she presented during the Lagos Fashion Week Runway presentation were released on their official instagram account and displayed below.



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