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Face shapes and hairstyles that suits them

Face shapes are a distinct features that are very noticeable next after dressing. As it is always said, the Afro-hair is a crown. And just like there are different crowns and tiaras that suit different hairstyles, faces and skin tone, so are there hairstyles that suits certain face shapes.

Before we talk about the hairstyles, let's see the types of face shapes. There are basically 5 major face shapes, they are as follows;





Round face (circular).

There are a few others that seem like modifications of the above types eg square and inverted triangle shaped face. Knowing the kind of hairstyles for you would help accentuate the beautiful features of your face.

The Oval shaped face

This face shape in makeup is seen as the perfect face shape but the uniqueness and beauty of the other face shapes cannot be ignored. The oval shaped face is shaped just like an egg (which is oval in shape). The advantage of this face shape is that all hairstyles, if properly done, goes with this face shape.

The Oblong face

This face shape is rectangular in nature with pronounced jawlines. The advantage of this face shape on your natural hair is that you can leave your afro in any manner eg the full afro or crown style or any style. For your fancy hairstyles and attachments, avoid long hairstyles as they make the face look longer, rather go for chin length and neck length Bobs and styles. Another advantage this face shape has is the fact that both center and side partings go well with it, thereby giving the owner a wider range of options.

Diamond shaped face

This face shape is characterized by a narrow forehead and chin with pronounced cheek bones. Just like the oval shaped face, a lot of styles go with this face shape. However, avoid any hairstyle that gathers at the cheek bones or hides them. Also, if you must go for a short hairstyle, go for the shoulder/neck length styles.

Heart-shaped face:

This face shape has a wide forehead and narrow chin. Most of the time, this usually involves a widow's peak. The selling points of this face shape is the center parting cornrows. Chin and Jaw length Bobs and styles also suits this face shape. Shoulder length styles are also a selling point.

Round shaped face:

This face shape is circular and as such has Fuller cheeks and face generally. Full and loose afro should be avoided as it would look everywhere and scattered. Hairstyles that gathers at the cheeks should be avoided. Longer hairstyles is a selling point for this face shape as it makes it look a bit longer. An advantage to this face shape is also the fact that both center parting and side partings go with the face.

Note: Braids go with all the face shapes, the information above can be put into practice when fixing, packing your braids or natural hair.



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