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Ethical Fashion Brand, Endelea is Bridging European and African Fashion

Updated: Mar 28, 2022


Endelea is an ethical fashion brand that was launched in 2018 with the goal of producing clothing and accessories in African wax materials with a Made in Italy design.

The name Endelea; means in Swahili "to move forward, to continue without giving up", with inspiration from the meaning of the name, the brand believes there is a group of dreamers guided by passion and courage who believe in creativity, connections and empowerment.


In order to encourage creativity and to generate jobs, instead of just purchasing beautiful fabrics to be sewn elsewhere, Endelea purchases and produces in Dar es Salaam, between local markets and a workshop created together with Tanzanian tailors and dressmakers. By doing this, they share resources and knowledge, thus; the brand truly empowers people and create durable progress.



Endelea is of the opinion that the key to change is knowledge and work: By this, they have reinvested part of their revenues in on-site training activities and in sponsoring collaborations between Italian and Tanzanian universities.

Since 2019, the brand started a collaboration with Naledi Dream Center fashion school, renting spaces, financing scholarships and organizing courses with Italian fashion professionals, both in person and remotely. In 2021, Endelea became official partner with the University of Dar es Salaam and began organizing free courses dedicated to the students of the Creative Arts class.


“Bold" is the brand's motto, which defines both their dream and that of Tanzania's future fashion designers, as well as a style that combines basic designs with prints that stand out with brilliant colors and vibrant patterns. Endelea clothing and accessories are handcrafted and long-lasting, season after season, for ethical fashion that honors creativity, people, and the environment.


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