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Emmy Kasbit releases AW21 collection 'SCARS'.

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The Campaign for A/W 21 collection tilted"SCARS" explores the intrinsic bond of human interaction amidst the insistent reoccurring socio-economic events. This collection, did not fall short of the Emmy Kasbit feel in terms of its unconventional style which involves fierce, strong, bold looking models dressed with vibrant colors of fabrics with strongly defined silhouettes. The campaign was introduced on their official Instagram page on the 13th of April 2021.

"An androgynous edge with clean, uncluttered lines plays the central story in the collection. Detail is pronounced to reveal the bold and beautiful tones of the pieces. The look is flattering and functional. Yet the occasional and purposeful considered slits, extended flaps and cut outs, complements the silhouettes perfectly and adds to their distinctive appeal."

Emmy Kasbit fills this particular collection with, cut coats and sleek blazers which are tailored to exaggerate certain parts of the body like the shoulders, arms, legs in a glamorous way

In a press release by the creative director, each feature is presented and explained.

"Unique pieces exuding sartorial modernity stand out on a bold predominant pallet of Red, subtly broken down with a neutral tones of mint green, white and pink".

The Black Akwete has blank spaces woven into the textile which signifies a state of solitude, emptiness and loneliness.

The Nsidibi symbol tells his story of sustainable fashion.

The Red Akwete symbolizes strength and interaction.

The intricately woven colorful yarns signify hope after strange times.

The Green Akwete has a pathway motif signifying the different ways Emmy Kasbit adapted during the brunt of the pandemic.

If you want to make a statement this Autumn/Winter, this is the collection for you.

Creative Direction: @Productionbydml

Photography: @Ukandiatsu

Make Up Artistry: @SutchayGallery

Footwear: @kiingdaviids



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