Elsa Majimbo’s Debut Film is Set to Premiere at this Year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Elsa Majimbo for Logitech

Following her recent initiatives, Elsa Majimbo has proven that she is not only an Instagram comedian, but also a multifaceted creative. She announced yesterday that a new film called 'ELSA,' written by her, is in the works, and we can't wait to see it.

Elsa debuted her NFT collection on earlier this year, following the publication of her exclusive Maison Valentino x The Alphabet For Kids & Adults book last year. The limited-edition collection brings the foundational building blocks of our stories to life: letters.


Elsa Majimbo announced her debut self-titled film, 'ELSA,' following her recent deal with Logitech. The short documentary film, which will have its world premiere at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, is about her life and the realities of being unashamedly herself in a world that was not built for Black African women like her.

'ELSA' is produced and directed by Julie Jansch and Mohamed Kheir, and it was written by Elsa herself. 'ELSA' will be screened on June 9th and 16th. Majimbo took to Instagram to inform her 2.5 million followers that her debut film would be released soon. "My first ever film!" she said. The premiere would be taking place at the @tribecafilmfestival in 2022!

Find out more about her film here.