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Discover the World's Most Unbelievable Homes: The Top 5 Astonishing Homes.

Casa Batllo, Barcelona 2018 by istock Images.

Think you've seen it all when it comes to home design? Think again. We've scoured the globe to bring you the top 5 most astonishing homes. Be prepared to have your mind blown as we take you on a tour of the world's most unbelievable homes. From homes like the Casa Batlló in Spain to houses that look like they're straight out of a fairytale, these properties will leave you in awe. 

Most large cities today have architects that exhibit a preference for striking colors and patterns or a respect for the natural world. As a result, there are a few psychedelic homes scattered over the globe that are decorated in hues so peculiarly chosen that they give the impression that something is awry.

Some people consider these bizarre structures, which include whirling shapes and vivid hues, more than just architectural marvels; they also consider them their homes. Some, with their organic curves, like Casa Orgánica in Mexico and The Bloomhouse in the United States, tend toward the mushroomy look. 

Others have the kaleidoscopic features of an acid trip, such as the Reversible Destiny Lofts in Japan and Antoni Gaud's famous Casa Batlló in Spain. Some people adore these fabulous homes while others don’t know how to feel about them.

 It's going to be a wild journey, so buckle up. Be prepared to have everything you thought you knew about homes challenged as you explore a brand-new world of architecture and design.

Here, we break down eight of the world's most trippy homes that are unquestionably worth seeing.

Casa Batlló: Built in Barcelona, Spain, and designed by Antoni Gaud(1904)

Casa Batlló was rebuilt in 1904 after being originally constructed in 1877. Nevertheless, it is easy to understand why it is regarded as a modernist classic by Gaud: Casa Batlló is nothing short of magical, with a spiraling roof modeled after a dragon's body, shimmering mosaics, and stained glass windows. Casa Batlló is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see in Barcelona.

Casa Orgánica in Mexico City was designed by Javier Senosiain.

Javier Senosiain, an architect, was inspired to create Casa Orgánica because he wanted to create a house that was akin to adaptive constructions from human history, such as caves, igloos, and even a mother's embrace.

But its undulating, iridescent blue-green façade covered in vivid bougainvillea contrasts with its warm, earthy interior. Casa Orgánica, which is less than an hour outside of Mexico City, is not open to the public but does sell tickets for hour-long excursions.

The Palais Bulles at Théoule-sur-Mer.

It is understandable why space-age fashion designer Pierre Cardin moved into Palais Bulles, a house designed for life on Mars. This spherical residence, which overlooks the Bay of Cannes, is a fusion of futuristic and organic design. Today, you can book this quirky coastal castle as a private event space for anything from weddings to runway displays.

Bolivia's El Alto Cholets, created by Freddy Mamani Silvestre in 2005.

Freddy Mamani Silvestre's El Alto Cholets, which are located not far from La Paz, are a revival of Andean culture. The colorful, maximalist cholets—a combination of the words "chalet" and "chola"—honor Bolivia's indigenous inhabitants and stand in stark contrast to the country's more conventionally subdued hues and exposed brick in contemporary buildings. The cholets are multi-use structures, with the first-floor housing businesses, the second serving as a venue for events, and the third housing residences.

Tokyo, Japan's Reversible Destiny Lofts (created in 2005 by Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins)

Even while the Reversible Destiny Lofts may look familiar from Girls' Shoshanna's time in Tokyo, the structure is much more than just a striking landmark. With its vivid colors and unique designs, this condominium complex hopes to assist residents in maximizing their senses. It was inspired by and dedicated to Helen Keller, a person the designers considered to be able to change the course of their lives.


The top 5 homes featured in this article are a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of human beings when it comes to designing and building homes. These homes challenge our perceptions of what a home can be and leave us speechless. Whether we are a lover of design or just enjoy seeing the impossible brought to life, these homes are sure to leave us speechless.



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