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Raves Review: Did Gyakie's “My Diary” Need A More Personal Touch?


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The Ghanaian afro singer known as Gyakie has put out her second EP titled “My Diary” a couple of weeks ago in July, 2022. The project is a good follow up to her last album, “Seed” with a stellar feature from Nigerian Afrobeat Superstar Davido.


The EP opens up with a brilliant intro called “Audience” in which it is set up that the audience should pay attention to the songs while relaxing as though we are in a restaurant being serenaded under the night's sky. The production shows a lot of world building and it definitely deserves a lot of praise for being thought up and executed quite well.


The atmospheric tone and polish of the opening song holds the feel of the rest of the songs very well as the following songs are filled with jazzy instrumentals and calming but strong vocal performances from Gyakie, and just well the energy of the project seems to be dying off (at around “For My Baby”) the song with Davido swings into play.

Gyakie X Davido

Davido’s vibrant and energetic vocals compliment Gyakie’s more mellow tone very well on the song “Flames” - which I must say benefits from having Davido scream “Fire!” - and gives the EP and this point an adequate energy boost.



The next couple of songs that end the EP do very well to maintain the energy and feature interesting melody and rhythm choices similar to some things from Burna Boy on “Something” and Rihanna on the song “Waka Waka”. Give it a listen and subscribe here for more articles.


The project is good but it doesn't do very well to sell us - the audience on its concept - though it features very good storytelling on the individual songs, there isn't a strong sense that something as personal as one's diary is being put on display here. It earns itself a 7.2/10.

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