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Defining the Synonymous Color ‘Yellow’ of Gen Z.

Credit: Ladygunn Pinterest

The color yellow seems to be a conflicting color. It's a warning sign in the wild when combined with black. In Japan, it's a symbol of bravery, whereas, in Russia, it's used to describe a mental institution. But it also symbolizes spring's cheerful arrival and the sun's return in some parts of the world.

Generally, it symbolizes youth and happiness. It represents optimism and gaiety. It is a little obvious why generation Z would pick this color as their own. It syncs with the values and the essence of this generation born between 1997 to 2012.

After the silent generation, colors have been a distinguishing element from one generation to the next. Colors usually show the emotions of an era and its events. It is connected to the needs of the people at the time and their social and economic environment.

Credit: Jannike Stelling via Pinterest