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Cultural Insight from Awuku Darko’s Photography

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

One of the most fascinating aspects of photography online is that it’s beauty is accessible to everyone.

We came across some incredible pieces of art while researching the world of photography, which made us curious to know who Awuku Darko is. In this quest, we found that Awuku Darko Samuel is a Ghanaian graphic designer and photographer, his passion for photography began at a young age, but he has been professionally practicing photography since 2018, inspired by his desire to inspire the youngsters in his community via art and to show the world the beauty of life.

Awuku Darko Samuel began his voyage by taking photos using his smartphone camera. He gradually improved his photography skills and now owns a Sony Alpha camera. He takes gorgeous conceptual images using his friends and family as models and everyday objects as props, which would appear right at home in any glossy fashion magazine.

Though he has worked with a variety of mediums, including African printmaking, leatherwork, and ceramics, he loves photography because of the relative rapidity with which he can manifest his ideas. Awuku's conceptual photography is heavily influenced by his surroundings and culture. Photographers such as Philippe Halsman and Alessio Albi have impacted him visually. He frequently includes ordinary, everyday objects into his photos, repurposing them for purposes other than their original intent. His imagination transforms his models and props into breathtaking high-end editorial photographs that wouldn't seem out of place anywhere.

Awuku Darko uses art to communicate his anguish since it is the only way he can properly express himself. God and his miracles are his greatest sources of inspiration. When he's depressed, he works. He attempts to transform his agony into beauty when he recalls how terrible it was for him to be alive. He also hopes that his works would make others happy.

Here are some other of our favorite images from his work.



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