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Creativity and High Fashion Meets Spirituality at Qingproductions

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Dajohn DeWiTT and Marquis Lawson of qingproductions let us in on their journeys as a model and photographer in this video submission.

DaJohn and Marquis both born in Sacramento, California have a strong passion for fashion, creativity, and innovation. They also specialize in model training, model boot camp, and high fashion shows.

They talk about how they are able to combine creativity, high fashion and spirituality as well as how creativity creates an atmosphere for energy exchange.

Their Latest Work: "Light Meets Dark"

The inspiration was derived from a conversation at a Teahouse. DaJohn and Jymiah came up with the concept over Thai Food and Tea.

Their vision came to life when they met up with Marquis at Virtuoso Visuals photography studio.