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Chikumo on Finding a Balance Amid a Clash of Cultures and Rising Above Naysayers

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

“It’s sad because when you grow up around prejudice, there are clear indicators but you can’t be “that” girl and make too much noise or it could hinder you. I always promised myself I’d remain authentic so I distanced myself from people like that and realised that as there aren’t many other Black content creators around Ireland that I could carve out my own space. I’ve also always been proud of being Zambian and growing up in England so I always remind myself that there is a big world with space for us all.”

Being a Black female content creator in a male dominated industry is quite a challenge, but Chikumo who goes by the name A Diary of a Chik on social media is up for the challenge. She persists to ward off every obstacle that comes between her and her love for blogging. She was born in Luanshya, Zambia; grew up in Sheffield, England; and lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She’s an entrepreneur, content creator and digital nomad rolled into one trying to find a way to have it all – the life, career, and a family she desires. And oh...lest we forget to mention—she’s also a massive foodie obsessed with mango.

Chikumo takes us deep into how she goes about lifestyle blogging; what content creation means to her; the perks of being a content creator; and a note to her younger self. This is Chikumo’s story, and you're about to read her diary....