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#BrandsWeLove Ep4: Gëto Clothing Brand Brings Inclusivity Into Streetwear Fashion

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Gëto is a contemporary fashion brand founded by Samantha Adebayo in 2019. The brand, which can be described with words like comfort, colour and inclusive, draws inspiration from Adebayo’s love for 70’s and 80’s hip-hop crew, Geto Boys. Geto was created out of a frustration with set standards and a need in fashion to follow trends. Samantha wanted a brand that stands out significantly while bringing a fresh, new edge to the Nigerian wardrobe. She wanted to create a brand that makes people feel beautiful but also cool, to show that we don’t all have to dress the same and follow the same trends to be creative.

Samantha Adebayo

Also, she wanted her brand to create quirky clothes for black women who don’t fit into Eurocentric beauty standards, and present the brand's vision of what is elegant and beautiful. Geto has been committed to creating casual, yet expressive clothes, which has made the fashion line a go-to for passionate, expressive and distinct style.

The Atlantic SK8T Set

With its casual clothing line, Geto has smartly created a niche for itself in the Nigerian fashion space, filling a gap in the industry for casual, everyday clothes. The brand is known to feature in the yearly Lagos Fashion Week event, a fashion event hosted yearly to promote and showcase designers creativity. This year, Geto’s debut on the runway featured contemporary aesthetics which examines typical fears and turns them to design. Themed “Iberu”, the designer cameoed Mavin singer Magixx which was also the artists debut modeling for a clothing brand at a fashion show.

Mavin singer, Magixx repping the brand

Iberu Collection

It is worth nothing that sustainability guides the brand's production. Geto makes outfits to order rather than mass-producing and also rework unused fabric from previous collections into scrunchies and durags to avoid waste. The delivery bags used are designed to a level that encourages buyers to reuse them as shoppers or even as a form of decor. However, "GËTO” represents not only Samantha’s Ghetto Fabulous personal style, but also the late 1990s to early 2000s era in America, which played a big influence on Nigerians growing up. In “GËTO”, there’s a concept of linking people across different countries and cultures. Which is also the idea of the brand, "bringing everyone together".



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