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#BrandsWeLove Ep. 2 Features Mariana Vassequi On Contributing To The Change of Beauty Standards

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

This November, we would be rolling out episodes of the #BrandsWeLove series in collaboration with The TopNuch. The 6-episode web video series, would feature exclusive interviews from Black founders and creatives as they let us into their world and what it takes to build a brand from the ground up, whether personal or as a company.

For our 2nd episode, we are diving into the life and behind-the-scenes of Mariana Vassequi, a Brazilian-born fashion model who is currently working in Paris. We learn about her love for fashion, black-owned businesses, and her passion for her community as she speaks exclusively with The Prazzle Team.

In her words with us, she shared her Journey into the modeling scene. She stated that she did not start off her career initially as a model but studied Social Science in school. Her transition into modeling began in a very distinctive manner.

While at a bookstore, she came across a photographer who stopped and convinced her to take some pictures. Marianna at this time, had no idea how to pose and didn't feel confident enough to do so. Despite this, she gave it her best shot, and was thrilled with the outcome!