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Black creative photographers we admire

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

In every field, there are always exceptional creatives that can't, but be noticed and their work appreciated. When it comes to being peculiar, it takes a whole lot to wow people with whatever you do. We will be citing some black creative photographers that have left our Jaw dropping with the aim to reignite notions of creativity and uniqueness in photography. Africa is gifted with so much talents and diversity that proceeds of a different fields.

Nadine Ijewere

is a fashion photographer, her work spots of identity and diversity. Whilst in school, she took up photography and focused on the creative side of it, thus furthering on to study photography at UAL's London College of Fashion. She partnered with some expertise creatives, which helped her create her reputation progressively. She is also the first black woman to shoot a cover for American Vogue, she has worked with quite a number of notable brands; Gap, Hermes, Dior, Valentino Red, to mention but few. Her work can be seen and appreciated @nadineijewere via Instagram.

Rafael Pavarotti

Started his photography career at a very young age, He uses color to depict thoughts

and emotions relating to everyday sights of his upbringing. His work reveals fashion as sculptural adornment. His works promotes and elevates the black race/culture. Amongst his works, his collaboration with British-Gambian fashion editor Ibrahim Kamara are among the most novel celebrated visualizations of fashion in recent memory.

Ronan Mckenzie

is a stylist from Walthamastow, North East London and also a freelance photographer. Her career commenced in the fashion world before she gradually moved to photography along side fashion. Her work offers an honest and intimate celebration of the female body and soul, this is birthed from her connection to other females having attending an all-girls school. Mckenzie first exhibition "A black body" was in 2015, she has been opportune to work in collaboration with various brands and also create her own initiative which she is solely working on presently. Her most recent project is HOME; where she aims to set an example by treating collaborators fairly and non- exploitatively and being transparent about who is behind it from the offset. The home project is a dream come true to her and is basically more than just a mere idea.

Campbell Addy

One whose work follows unique narratives and authentic emotions in nature, with a

focus on distinctive casting and under-represented faces. He is a British-Ghanaian photographer and filmmaker. He graduated from a college of art and design and since then, he has been exploring the creative world of art, his inspiration comes from his culturally diverse upbringing. He has worked with various editorial outlets, his work has earned exhibition internationally. Campbell has his own personal arts launched and widely recognized; in accordance to this, he has had talks, lectures, won awards and

collaborations with other creatives.



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