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Best Places in the World for Landscape Photography!

Landscape photographer in New Zealand’s South Island.

You might probably be wondering how you can organize a trip based on the pictures you’ll be taking. You are possibly looking for a place where you’ll not only take into account the natural beauty of the surroundings but also the history, culture, and colors. When they all get together in one place, photographic magic is assured. After reading this article, you will be able to plan the location of your upcoming photographic vacation. View the locations listed below to find the best spots for your landscape photographic vacation:

What qualities should photographic places have?

There are two factors to consider when picking the ideal locations for your landscape photography, destination wedding photography or any photography at all that involves landscape.

  1. Possibilities for photography (locations, climate, etc.)

  2. Accessibility (travel and lodging convenience, etc.)

When determining the locations included in this post, I looked at these two factors above.

Potential for photography

There’s an old proverb that says, “a beautiful scene doesn’t always make a good photo” which is accurate. Even though often the view from a mountain top is breathtaking, it will undoubtedly be challenging to create an engaging shot if it lacks the main subject or focal point.

Sometimes the weather also plays a role in a photographer achieving the perfect picture. Naturally, the weather varies throughout the year, therefore it will influence whether a location is worthwhile for photography. The summertime's clear, cloudless skies are a landscape photographer's worst nightmare. There are best for a beach vacation, but not so great for a photography trip.


You may want to take a perfect picture of the night sky at a location that is amongst the most distant in the world and where light pollution is kept at a healthy zero.  

Then you would consider the remote Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific because that would be the best option in this case. But is it worthwhile to take a supply ship 32 hours from the closest mainland?

Perhaps the thought of spending the night in a tent on the South Island of New Zealand's wilderness scares you from traveling there. Maybe not entirely but there’s a possibility you wouldn’t want such stress.

Considering these two factors the locations in this blog post were made.


The Iceland Northern lights. credit: Icelandcarrentals

Iceland is swiftly elevating to the top of the traveler's list for all types of tourists, but especially for photographers. It's a photographer's paradise with glaciers, puffins, waterfalls, geysers, and the northern lights. The best place to photograph the northern lights in Iceland is the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, which lies by the Vatnajokull glacier.

Also, the best time to visit is September through March. Since it’s a tourist site, it’s easily accessible with accommodations readily available and sometimes can even be booked online safely.

The second-largest geyser field in the world is found in Russia's Valley of Geysers.

This is located on the Kamchatka Peninsula. It has since become a well-liked tourist destination in Kamchatka. Valley of Geysers makes for fantastic photography. Quite accessible and the environment makes for a photographer to not be stressed. There are also guides readily available to help.

The most stunning fall foliage in the United States is found in New England.

Credit: Love Hard, Travel Often

While New Hampshire and Vermont receive the majority of attention from out-of-town "leaf peepers" each year, Massachusetts is as stunning and far less crowded. The hues were extremely vivid!

France's Provence

Provence in France is simply wonderful; it has excellent scenery, great food, and great wine. France is a beautiful and romantic country. It should come as no surprise then that the nation is dripping with idyllic picture-postcard settings.

Especially in the Provence region. Lavender is widely planted in the area, frequently in fields that were once monasteries. The lavender is grown in absolutely straight rows, and it blooms throughout June, July, and August.

The outcomes are astounding. The biggest draw for photographers is the seemingly unending rows of lavender. It's impossible to capture on camera elsewhere in the world.

New Zealand's South Island

It's a bit ambiguous to simply refer to New Zealand's South Island. After all, it constitutes roughly half of the entire country. However, there are too many amazing photography places on the South Island to pick just one.

Renting a car or a campervan and going on a road trip are both common activities for people who aren't photographers and photographers. You'll be able to visit the things that are off the beaten route in this manner. Lakes, mountains, and stunning scenery abound throughout the South Island. It is the ideal shot for landscape photographers.


So here are your top five, accessible locations for your landscape photography, destination wedding, or just your photographic trips and they're indeed filled with great potential for photography!



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