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Bad Mood? 5 Ways to Instantly Shake it Off and Get Creating.


Every now and then, we can get swamped with work, dealing with unexpected events, or family problems, and these things put us in a bad mood.  

Bad moods can last for hours, days, weeks, and sometimes, even months if not attended to. The downsides of being in a bad mood is that it is harder to work or create. Below are five ways to instantly improve your mood.


Allow yourself to feel bad

While this may sound counterproductive, allowing yourself to feel bad when you do feel bad is a major step to improving your mood. Do not ignore your feelings or dismiss them. Learn to feel what you feel first. That way, you can walk through your feelings and start your journey to feeling good.


Talk to yourself about why you feel that way

There probably is a reason you feel that way, sit still and try to figure out what must have triggered you or made you sad, and acknowlege it. If it is something you can change or make better, do something to make things better. If it is a huge problem that cannot be solved immediately, take a step toward solving it, or make a plan to solve it. When you do that, you feel in control of the situation, and this helps improve your mood.


Talk to someone or journal