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Ayanfe Olarinde Wields Scribble Art and Photography to showcase beauty in Imperfection


Ayanfe Olarinde is a self-taught visual artist who is currently experimenting with scribble art and photography. She regards art as her own truth and freedom. In other words, art allows her to express herself and brings her calm via self-exploration. Her enthusiasm for scribbling, an art form born of imperfection on her quest for acceptance, led her to pursue art. She is able to unpack her emotions in new and interesting ways as a result of this.


Ayanfe's artistic dynamism links audience from multiple viewpoints, as she uses ink, paint, wire, and abandoned items to create scribbles, doodles, sculptures, paintings, digital art, upcycled artworks, and textures for her scribbles while touching on bigger concerns of self-exploration. Her view has evolved to incorporate photography and mixed media collages as an emotional artist impacted by her path through life.