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Are You Friends with Benefit Material?

📸 @bolajiodukoya

“I think Rick is cheating on me.”

“What? Your Richie? Are you guys serious now?”

“No we’re not but what does that matter?”

“Correct me if I’m wrong but you’re in a friends with benefits and you’re thinking your partner is cheating? Seems to me you’re getting carried away.”

I’ve seen so many people enter into a friends with benefits relationship and left broken-hearted or hurt because they either did not grasp what it means from the onset or along the way, they get the lines blurred.

Photo credit: Lost in the jungle Anok Yai

For anybody looking for some clarity, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (FWB) is a casual relationship in which two people are physically intimate yet are not committed to each other. This is usually a purely sexual relationship between two people who enjoy spending time with no strings attached. It’s usually non-monogamous so if it wasn’t stated from the onset, either parties are free to explore with other people.

It can be a