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Are Long-distance Relationships Bound to Fail in Modern Love Stories?


Honestly, I think long distances are as pointless as trying to fill a barrel with a hole in the bottom. Why settle for something out of reach when I can have so many of them close whenever I want?


I was once in a situation where my boyfriend was transferred to another city about 6 hours away from me. As a “hard girl”, I thought I could wing it. I can go visit as and when and he can do vice versa. Well, life happened because I realized I wasn’t a ‘hard girl” after all. I’m the kind of girl who wants my man available when I need him. I want to be held when I’m having bad days and spend a whole weekend just relaxing around each other because we can. I became a pain in the ass because I was always irritable even though it wasn’t his fault. Yeah, you guessed right! It ended because I realized they are just not meant for me.