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Aminata Kamara on "Centralizing Black Women" in Honor of Their Hair Heritage

Model: Morgan Munroe @morganmunroeofficial MUA: Tilly King @facesbytk Art Director and Stylist: Natalie Whyte @Natalieharmonian Photographer: Sarah Bingley @shotbysarahlou Hair Stylist: Aminata Kamara @RoybeautyUK & @aminataonline

Our hair is a big part of who we are and due to this, my skills have always been requested. I started out just doing hair for my family and friends, and it’s since grown to working on sets for fashion and beauty campaigns. I love to make women feel beautiful, because I know what it feels like to not always feel that way."

The significance of hair in Black history and heritage can be attributed to several factors. Although complicated, the development of afro hair and its effects on society over time tell a story all on their own that says a lot about the Black experience and identity.

Many popular hairstyles, such as braids, twists, and dreadlocks, were first used to symbolize a person's tribe, social standing, and family history during the early years of African civilization. Even though the precise moment of their creation is uncertain, they have been proudly worn by both men and women for centuries, where they have evolved into the best way to recognize someone at a glance.

In sum, Black hair's long history reveals a struggle with lost acceptance that has since reemerged as a genuine embrace. Whatever is placed atop a Black woman's head should be a symbol of power, respect, and a crown. A real crown does not have a model or a standard; rather, it displays the beauty of the wearer.

Aminata Kamara our #spotlightstar is an Afro hair stylist based in the UK, she emphasizes on the Black woman's hair which depicts her pride,strength, and power. While she discusses her experience growing up as a black girl child in a White Community, she also shares her experience as an Afro hair stylist based in the UK. Aminata believes resilience is a general unique part of who the Black woman is and this distinguishes her amongst other races.