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Ami Doshi Shah, A Kenyan Jeweler Takes a More Unique Approach to Adornment

Updated: Aug 15, 2022


Ami Doshi Shah is an Award-winning jewelry designer originating from Kenya and trained in the UK, her creations are beautifully merging Kenya’s timeless beauty with a global aesthetic. Her decision to become a jewellery designer was made during the later stages of her university studies. She graduated at the tender age of 21, and felt she was much younger to start her own brand.

A photo of Ami Doshi Shah, the creative Jeweler

Ami is a third-generation Kenyan whose family originally came from India. According to her, the value of jewellery in both cultures is really significant. In Indian culture, jewellery is often an asset given to a bride on her wedding day, however, when looking at Kenyan culture, jewellery is seen as more talismanic and signifying rites of passage. Ami thinks that all of these components kind of fit together in the work she does. Many of her designs and creations include a variety of natural minerals and materials. Her inspiration is derived fro