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How Brave are You?! All You Need to Know About the Private Lion Walk at Fathala Reserve, Senegal

Photo via @mery_tall

A once-in-a-lifetime experience is the Lion Walk at the Fathala Wildlife Reserve. The Fathala Reserve Lion Walk is located in Senegal, situated near the coast on the northern border of Senegal and Gambia, the Fathala Wildlife Reserve is a great opportunity to get some safari action when visiting Senegal or Gambia. The reserve is made up of approximately 6000 hectares of protected forest and is a rare opportunity for visitors to this corner of West Africa to experience an untouched example of West African wilderness.

Amongst all the interesting activities at the Fathala Reserve, The Lion Walk is the most prominent and it is one visitors always look forward to. The Lion Walk is an opportunity to interact with lions and accompany them on foot. An unparalleled experience that offers insight into the behaviour of this species, with lots of photo opportunities.

Sonia Simon

When visiting Fathala Reserve, the following guidelines will help you feel safe and enjoy the Lion Walk;

  • There is an height restriction of 1.50 meters for this Walk, with no exceptions (carrying of children on back, neck etc.) is not allowed.

  • Bags, purses, backpacks or any other carrier is not allowed on the walk

  • Visitors/Tourists are advised to dress moderately; making sure clothes are not too wide, loose, or swing. Also, shoelaces should be well tied.

  • The use of Sunglasses is prohibited.

  • Clothing piece with animal prints/ pattern is not allowed

  • Visitors should refrain from running or jumping during the walk,  movement should be normal and calm as possible.

  • Bending or kneeling down in front of the lions is not encouraged.

  • Touching of the lions or approaching the lions without instruction from the lion guides is dangerous.

  • All visitors are reminded that although the lions were raised by the handlers, they are still wild animals, and failure to comply to the above rules, could lead to serious harm to everyone around.

Above all, All visitors who intend to go on the Lion Walk must sign an indemnity form before participating in the walk with lions. The Lion Walk is exactly you getting to walk with lions after some brief initial training. These animals up close are awesome and you get to spend some quality time watching them roam around and climb trees. Indeed it is a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn't be missed for adventurers.




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