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All you need to know about Egypt's Mind Blowing Siwa Salt Lake

Updated: Jan 27, 2023


The Zeitoun Lake, the largest salt lake in the Siwa Oasis, appears to be a mirage of the sparkling waters of any paradise beach at first glance. A lake totaling more than 12,000 hectares appears on the border of the wilderness 600 kilometers east of Cairo, on the way east from Siwa in Egypt's Western Desert. For centuries, the area, which is 50 kilometers from the Libyan border, has remained isolated. Even when it opened to tourism in the 1980s, it remained outside of Egypt's major tourist sites, which helped to preserve its unique and vulnerable nature.

Photo by Yassmeen Abdelaziz

It's incredible to know that the lakes are almost 95 percent salt due to a neighboring salt mine. They're around 4 metres deep and offer both hot and cold water! There's no need to worry if one can't swim well because the salt content of the water makes drowning impossible. Because the lake is endowed with salt, the residents of Siwa Oasis have long utilized the salt to construct dwellings, sharpen and shape their instruments, and lastly, to light their lamps.

Asides the fact that the region is a popular tourist destination, it's worth noting that the therapeutic capabilities of these salt lakes are incredible. They're recognized for treating: Sinus problems, Skin problems, and Eye problems. For those considering paying a visit to Siwa Salt Lake, early in the morning is the best time to visit the salty hot springs because the weather is cooler and the water is warmer. Psoriasis, Rheumatism, Digestive System Diseases, and Joint Inflammation are also some of the conditions it's used to treat. It's a long ride from Cairo to Siwa Lake.

Planning a trip to Siwa Lake? You can always hire a driver to take you through the Lake if you don't like buses or driving. There are a few military checks along the journey, always make sure you have your passport with you at all times. Last but not least, always travel with cash, this point can never be overemphasized.

You will definitely have a great experience at Siwa Salt Lake.



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