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ÁGA DESIGN AND CULTURE: The Brand Telling African Stories Through Sustainable Design Efforts

Updated: Jun 22, 2022


Aga Design and culture is an African Lifestyle brand inspired by Africa- its culture, heritage, colour, form, and essence with a minimal approach to design and life. The Lagos company was established in 2016, and quickly rose to become one of the custodians of Nigerian culture and went on to include the entirety of African stories.


A design brand that creates material representations of African forms and aims to support communities and preserve traditional craft and culture. At the centre of existence for Aga culture is the concept of storytelling. Aga culture puts the message first and is a brand dedicated to speaking of African ideas and themes.

Making exposed lifestyle patterns that draws inspiration from the culture and everyday life of Africans is re-current in Aga culture’s creations. Aga is primarily influenced by the Yorùbá Culture, a name from Yoruba, meaning a functional object or furniture piece, tying in directly with their niche in African society.