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Aga Culture Releases Latest Collection Themed "Eré-scape"

Aga Culture, an evolving lifestyle & design brand, enthusiastic about telling African stories with unique pieces recently released a new collection "Eré-scape". The brand is primarily influenced by the Yorùbá Culture and the word "Aga" in Aga Culture is also derived from Yoruba. Owing to the influence the culture has on the brand, every piece from the new collection is given a Feminine Yoruba name in celebration of the culture.

Eré-scape is a collection inspired by nostalgia for simplicity, slowness, freedom, hope, and curiosity in life through play and in nature, intuitively exploring memories from playing in sand, dropping coconuts on Hot Lagos beach sand, the ebbs and flows of waves, sunsets, sunrise, and spontaneous interactions play and gist with young and old. These details inspire design from the ripples, folds, rhythm, dips, texture in fabric and material, sounds and to colours creating the experience called Eré-scape, the brand's expression in clothing, objects and space.

The collection was launched on the 3rd, Dec 2022 at the Aga Culture Showroom situated at Radisson Botique, Radisson Hotel, VI in Lagos. Aga Culture collaborated with a creative sculptor; Femi Okediji and a wonderful performance was presented by Artist, Winner. Other fashion enthusiast and lovers of the brand were in attendance of the official installation of Eré-scape Collection.

Photos from the launch of Aga’s new collection Eré-scape

The collection comprises Twenty-nine beautiful carefully selected pieces of dresses, shorts, skirts, set, top, bralette, trousers, jumpsuit, and pants depicting the brand's intuness to the story telling of Yoruba culture. 

Aga Culture continues to be inspired by people, places and everyday familiar culture of Africa, thus capturing the cultural energy only experienced on the soil. 

See photos from the collection below



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