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Africans in the diaspora share culture shock experience

Leaving your country, you should know that every country has its own culture and the way each country holds its culture in high esteem differs. Even the daily happenings and approach to life can be quite annoying and at the same time overwhelming. In this part of the world, there are some fun norms that we are not so proud of but can laugh over. Culture shock is an experience a person may have when one moves to a cultural environment which is different from one’s own; it is the personal disorientation a

person feel when experiencing a foreign way of life. Some Nigerians abroad have taken to social media to tell about their culture shock experience after leaving the west African country.

@royaltyuso tweeted : Nothing really. Except that they call for meetings and they want to serve tea. Only tea. like, do they know where I come from. Only real Nigerians will understand this post, in every Nigerian meeting, there is always an item 7(food) either food proper or snacks and that is what most people look forward to.