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African Music Superstar, Mr Eazi Merges Music and Art in New Single “Legalize”


Mr Eazi has released the first single off his upcoming album, "Legalize." The song is a heartfelt tribute to his girlfriend, Nigerian actress Temi Otedola. In April, Eazi and Otedola got engaged in Venice while filming the music video for "Legalize."

Mr-Eazi-legalize-album-art-Benin-Republic-based- painter-Patricorel

“Legalize” features the artwork of Beninese painter Patricorel. “I started to see the similarities between the music space and the art space in terms of the business model my company emPawa does … [which] finds artists, musicians and works with them, nurtures them and their careers, and gives them the opportunities to break into the world,” Eazi told ARTnews.

The Nigerian-born, Ghana-based producer who is well-known for his pioneering ‘Banku’ sound, which draws from rhythmic Nigerian percussion and Ghanaian nightlife is also a constant traveler. Eazi has developed an affinity for art and culture and will collaborate with a range of prominent African artists to create bespoke work for each track for his anticipated album. The pieces will be tokenized and shared with the public through specially-curated metaverse and physical events


“I started to think … ‘Why don’t I work with artists to be able to co-create pieces that represent the music so that captures the essence of the music on a canvas?.. I feel like with this collaboration with the artists, we are [making] this accessible to my fans who would have normally not looked towards art in this form and introducing them to this world.

And taking the veil away from [the thinking] that this one is for ‘dadabees [a West African term for children of wealthy family] or the elite.” He said

Watch Official Video here

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