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Acne and Sex Hormones, Is Sex to Blame for Those Facial Breakouts?


Imagine waking up one morning with pimples on your face after a night of good sex. This can be really upsetting. When this happens more frequently, you begin to wonder if sex is to blame for the break out. However, people have always had and will always have doubts regarding sex, and one of such issue that has been lingering in people's minds for a long time is whether or not sex causes acne.


While sex can do a lot of good for your mind and body (Lower blood pressure, More brain power, Increased immunity) it might also be the root of the pimples that seem to keep popping up every time you look in the mirror. During sex, there is a certain production of sebum and bacteria that are also called as P. acne. The presence of these together is what triggers the growth of acne. But this is not the only reason of acne.

However, what one needs to understand about sex and acne is that it is not intercourse that really leads to acne. It is the other parts of sex that actually causes it. You will no longer be left wondering as to where do these horrible looking acne come from after reading this.


Facial Hair has been traced to be one of acne after sex originator. If you have sex with a man who has a thick, long beard, his beard will most likely be rubbed all over your face. This friction irritates your skin and encourages the creation of oil. Acne is caused by excess oil clogging the pores. If your smooth skin rubs against a hairy face, you're more likely to get acne.


Another reason why that pimple might pop up after sex is Sweat. Yes sweat! Sex involves a great deal of physical exertion and movement, so it's only natural that there will be a lot of sweating. When two bodies are forced against each other and there is a lot of friction, acne can form. One of the causes could be sweat, bodily oils, or germs.


Dirty Bed Sheets can also be linked to acne after sex. Dirty bed sheets are the main reason why people often develop acne after sex. The oil, dead skin cells and bacteria on the unwashed bed sheets might give you acne. Study has shown that if you find food crumbles or dirty clothes on your partner's bed, then chances are that sex on the same bed will transfer a lot of bacteria.

Finally, Massage Oils also causes acne, massage oils are often considered to be sexually beneficial. They provide adequate lubrication. If you already have acne-prone skin, massage oils should be avoided. The most sensitive places are your face, back, and chest, and if you've applied oils to those areas and observed acne, you know why already. The skin already produces more oils, so adding more will only exacerbate the problem.

These are some of the aspects of sex that might cause acne. There has been no conclusive proof that sex causes acne. Nonetheless, if it has ever been mentioned, it is said that the hormone androgens, which is created during puberty, may or may not be the cause of acne. Apart from the causes we've mentioned, there are no additional factors that can lead to post-sex acne. Simply keep yourself clean and engage in healthy sexual behavior. You'll be able to avoid these unexpected breakouts this way.



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