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Acne and Sex Hormones, Is Sex to Blame for Those Facial Breakouts?


Imagine waking up one morning with pimples on your face after a night of good sex. This can be really upsetting. When this happens more frequently, you begin to wonder if sex is to blame for the break out. However, people have always had and will always have doubts regarding sex, and one of such issue that has been lingering in people's minds for a long time is whether or not sex causes acne.


While sex can do a lot of good for your mind and body (Lower blood pressure, More brain power, Increased immunity) it might also be the root of the pimples that seem to keep popping up every time you look in the mirror. During sex, there is a certain production of sebum and bacteria that are also called as P. acne. The presence of these together is what triggers the growth of acne. But this is not the only reason of acne.

However, what one needs to understand about sex and acne is that it is not intercourse that really leads to acne. It is the other parts of sex that actually causes it. You will no longer be left wondering as to where do these horrible looking acne come from after reading this.