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7 Peculiar things about the Ethiopian Culture, and Environment.

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Do you know that even before the Roman Empire even existed, Ethiopia was one of the first nations to accept Christianity and make it the official religion? Ethiopia is a distinctive nation in many aspects, and this is the source of its beautiful and unique culture.

Every nation is different but Ethiopia is exceptional in every way. It is one of the world's oldest states. Also, it was the nation that hosted and welcomed Muhammadan messengers. As a result, it has adopted the two major religions while retaining its traditional practices, and it has even managed to combine tradition and religion to create a lifestyle that is uniquely Ethiopian. So here is a list of peculiar things you can find in the Ethiopian Lifestyle.

The walls of most Ethiopian families' homes are decorated with portraits of their nobility.

The royal family of Ethiopia Abyssinia photograph by Everet

Typically, the extended family is part of the family system. Families have close bonds. In the Ethiopian community, households range in size from one to six, with half of the members being children under the age of 10. And in these homes, pictures of the royal families traced from ages back are often found. In their communities, the community's elders arbitrate disputes.