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6 Amazing Black-Owned Eyewear Brands You Should Know

Updated: Jan 26

A Coco and Breezy’s collection worn by its founders

Fashion is seen as a very important factor among millennials and the eyewear industry is very aware of that. In order to satisfy the growing demand around the world, eyewear designers are working to create fashionable eyewear products. This, in turn, is projected to propel the eyewear market forward. Every year, designers launch new styles to follow the ever-changing fashion trends and attract fashion lovers.

We are highlighting Black-owned eyewear brands that give this multi-millionaire industry more diversity. Below are 6 notable Black-Owned Eyewear Brands you should know and definitely purchase an eyewear from.

Vontélle Eyewear

vontelleeyewear 👓Blue Nile for @vandyfootball

Vontélle was founded in 2019  by the fashion designers Nancey Harris and Tracy Vontélle Green. According to the founders, the brand was created to satisfy the demand for better-fitting vibrant, fashion-forward eyewear. Their products and accessories are designed and handcrafted to pay homage to their African ancestry with traditional colors and patterns that channel our African, Caribbean, and Latin heritage.