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5 Unique Geometric Paintings you need to know about

Plain geometric lines by Line Myklebust. Credit: Pinterest.

The evolution of geometric abstract paintings began in the olden age, so it has been in existence since time immemorial, and Picasso was among the earliest geometric painter. You’ve probably encountered some of these paintings in a work environment or in the house of this big-shot celebrity you visited recently. Although you appreciated how great these paintings look, you wondered when you first saw what they’re used for. Whatever conclusion you arrived at, you're right: they are used for decorations. They are defined as abstract art that uses geometric shapes to form undefined, abstract, and non-objective compositions.

Geometric paintings have become mainstream works of art that are now displayed everywhere. They add beauty and are filled with meanings that are translated, depending on the person translating them, and are appreciated for their unique mix of color and creativity.

Abstract painters are still painters who make a living from painting abstract colors and selling them off or exhibiting them at art galleries. These paintings are always unique, but there are special ones, and this is a list of them as well as the artist that made them:

1. Victor Vasarely’s Zebra

Victor Vasarely’s Zebra’s Geometric painting. Credit: Pinterest