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5 Things We Can't Live Without.

In as much as everyone has some personal things they can not live without, there are things that is common to all and they are the basic things that makes life worth living. We are all united by this set of needs, not only for necessary survival, but for lasting mental and physical well being.

In this century, these are basic needs we can not live without.

Water and good hygiene

Drinking of water can never be ignored, the use of water for other activities asides drinking is largely embraced and there is no alternate other than water. good hygiene is the promotion of good health. You tend to have a short live span , when you practice a poor hygiene habit.


The energy that food gives every human is next to none, without food we cannot survive, it is the basic source of energy and one of the most essential requirements for day to day survival. No human can live without food.


It serves as a means of temporary protection from bad weather or danger, what is life without a place to live in. When shelter is taken from man, he is opened to danger. It provides security, it prevents ill health and disease. Proper housing provides people with the advantage to live a normal life.

Access to information

More of this access is facilitated through the internet, information can change

the way we see the world around us. If your access to getting information is being restricted, your ability to freely find and use information and make independent decisions on the basis of that information will be cut short and this can affect one mentally and emotionally.


Education boosts quality of life and is a necessary prerequisite for long-term self- sufficiency. A person who is denied education may have low self-esteem or feel emotions such as shame, fear, and powerlessness. It is one of the 21st century life essentials.

There are more to these listed above, and we all have personal things we cannot live without also.



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