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5 rules to building a great relationship

Most of us want a great relationship but we don't know how to go about it. We might have the perfect picture of what we want our relationship to look like in our heads but we are not able to make it in reality. Everybody wants their lives to be full of happiness, we all want our love stories to be like a fairytale, but unfortunately life is not a bed of roses. Relationship is hard work and can be less of it if you have the right knowledge about some core things that keeps it blooming. Though you can't know it all and you can't always get it right but you can follow these golden rules below to achieve bliss in your relationship.

First thing first as we always say; Build strong Communication with your partner, communication is everything in a relationship, through communication you can build trust, understanding and a whole lot. Good communication between each other is vital for a healthy relationship. Be able to comfortably talk about everything and anything. Many relationships get over soon due to ego and lack of communication.

Don't build your relationship based on assumptions.

Trust each other: this is a big deal in many relationship, without trust there is no love. You cannot love someone you don't trust. When you trust the one you love, you are trusting them not to hurt you, play with your heart or cheat on you. Most relationship lack trust and thus cannot stand the taste of time. Even when there is genuine love and no trust, such relationship tend to crumble on the long run. If your partner trusts you blindly, don’t prove them blind. Prove your partner that you are worthy of their trust. Without trust, love is unstable.

Spend quality time together: Always make an effort to spend some time with your partner. This is how the connection between you both will improve. Do not make your partner feel ignored or unwanted. Looking back in life, you will realize that memories are the timeless treasures of your heart. Many things will end but memories will last forever. Spend quality time with your partner to spice things up in your relationship. Do not ignore your partner or make them feel ignored, carry them along your schedule and

whenever you are chanced, put a call through or drop a message. This will make them know you haven't forgotten them.

Stay Faithful: Some people find it difficult to stay faithful in a committed relationship. If you know you can't stay faithful, why go into a relationship in the first place. Do not flirt with the opposite sex or entertain unnecessary close friendship with an Ex. Cheating can be extremely hurtful and can even affect your partner emotionally thus making hard to trust or even love again.

Treat each other with respect : Respect is important in every relationship, respect helps build an healthy relationship. We all are different, so differences between partners are bound to exist. Such differences have to be respected and understood with love. Don’t allow anyone to treat you poorly just because you love them. Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.



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