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5 Reasons Why Tote Bags are a Creative’s Best Friend


Tote bags are totally in season and we are here for it! While totes are great fashion items to have, here 5 reasons why every creative person should own one or more tote bags.


You can fit your stuff in them.

You can carry a sketchpad, drawing book, or pen in them. Every creative has lots of stuff on their mind. You need a notepad to arrange your thoughts and jot down new ideas. You may also want to be with your sketchpad wherever you go. Who knows when or where your next inspiration might come? Also, no, you probably won’t remember. Tote bags can also carry your books, headsets, and even cameras. Your tote bag is allowed to be as big as you want and contain your stuff while also looking very fashionable.


Tote bags can be expressive

Another great reason to own a tote bag or more is that you can write, paint, and print on them. Nearly every creative person wants to express something about themselves or what they stand for on their personal items. From shirts to mugs to bags! With totes, you can customize your bag to say whatever you want, introduce you to the world or tell a story. You could draw on or add any artwork like beaded decorations on them. What is cooler than that?!


They are unisex.

The good thing about tote bags is everyone can carry them regardless of their sex. Totes look just as great on men as it does on women! You can carry your tote bags around without ever worrying about looking too strange in them. If anything, you look more artistic.


They look good


Tote bags look great and can take your appearance from five to ten. Whether it’s a colorful tote bag or a nude one, it’d certainly light up your outfit.



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