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5 Reasons Why Belonging to a Community of Creatives is Inportant for any Artist

Updated: Mar 3


It is not unusual for people to form communities and groups based on their shared talent, careers, goals and aspirations. The importance of having and belonging to a community cannot be overemphasized, not just for creatives, but for different people across other sectors. Whether it is a fun group or society, or a pressure group, there are lots of benefits attached with being a member of a creative community.

Below are some of the reasons belonging to a community for creatives is very important for artists.



Communities help protect the interest of group members.

A community of creatives will help to protect the interests and rights of its members. It is very common to see communities influencing laws and legislations to their favor as well as protesting against unfavorable laws and legislations.  When there is a strong community for creatives, creativity flourishes. People are more inclined to create when they are certain that their rights and interests are protected and secure.


Community fosters mentor-mentee relationships.