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5 Reasons Why Belonging to a Community of Creatives is Important for any Artist

Updated: Mar 29, 2023


It is not unusual for people to form communities and groups based on their shared talent, careers, goals and aspirations. The importance of having and belonging to a community cannot be overemphasized, not just for creatives, but for different people across other sectors. Whether it is a fun group or society, or a pressure group, there are lots of benefits attached with being a member of a creative community.

Below are some of the reasons belonging to a community for creatives is very important for artists.



Communities help protect the interest of group members.

A community of creatives will help to protect the interests and rights of its members. It is very common to see communities influencing laws and legislations to their favor as well as protesting against unfavorable laws and legislations.  When there is a strong community for creatives, creativity flourishes. People are more inclined to create when they are certain that their rights and interests are protected and secure.


Community fosters mentor-mentee relationships.

Another advantage of having a community of creatives is that it helps foster mentor-mentee relationships amongst its members. For ages, mentor-mentee relationships have helped young creatives develop their talents and grow into artistic giants. A creative community will help younger talents communicate with enthusiasts who will help develop their skills, it will also help enthusiasts who desire to pass on their knowledge to others to find talented mentees.  


Communities create a sense of belonging and togetherness

While the internet and social media has been tremendously beneficial to humans, it has decreased physical social interactions. In modern times where people are hardly religious and do not belong to religious associations, cultural groups, and all the communities that used to be socially mandatory, there needs to be a replacement of sorts for these kinds of communities, especially one that they choose. A community of creatives will give members a sense of belonging and togetherness, one that is fast fading off in the modern world.


Access to the works of other creatives

Creatives who spend time with the creative work of others hardly ever run out of inspiration. The best way to stay inspired is to be around art.


Members get to encourage one another

A community of creatives help members encourage and offer moral support to one another. Closely watching other people achieve feats helps reassure others who are in the early stages of their vocation or have come about difficult challenges.  


In Essence, a community for creative people fosters togethers and stimulates growth. Don’t have any around you? Consider starting one!



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