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5 Portrait Photography Tips and Techniques to Elevate Your Next Photoshoot

Updated: Aug 3, 2022


Photographers most times are well-versed in the intricacies of getting the perfect portrait. They work with this knowledge but sometimes never get the wow factor in their work. So if you want something more than a studio headshot? You want to capture a picture, a moment that will not only thrill your model or client but anybody who sees it, here are 5 portrait photography ideas to help you go outside the box and create eye-catching images:

Make use of a wide-angle lens:

Traditionally, many portrait photographers avoid using wide-angle lenses because they tend to distort whatever is in front of them. While other photographers use a typical 50mm lens, photographing using a wide angle lens (anything less than 50mm) forces you to be creative. You take note of your background, backdrop, and how to put them in one. Find examples of wide-angle portraits and take a look at them, noticing the difference and outcome of the pictures.

Consider the color and Thematic elements when choosing your background in Portrait Photography:

Photo credit: Michael Willian's Photography

Colors can have a great impact on the final aesthetic appeal of your images. The color theory features, such as blending complementary colors (those that are opposite one another on a color wheel), can be used to bring about remarkable contrast in your pictures. Alternatively, you can also utilize a monochromatic color scheme that contains different shades of a single color. For example, you could rhyme the background with your model's outfit.

You can also expand on your color scheme by including objects in the scene that relate to your theme for your model's shoot.

Shoot from the proper height, using an angled flash.


Take the extra step to get an eye-to-eye shot with your subject. For the finest shot, use equipment or physically get down to raise or lower your camera. On-camera flash creates a deer-in-the-headlights look, and while flat lighting may be a look you want, it's not necessarily the look you want. Try flashing from an angle with a light stand or have a friend hold it out for you.

Use unusual angles to tell your story

Model @juliusantwi_ Shot by @buchifiles Edited by @itsobinwankwo

For example, shooting from a lower angle upwards can make a person appear more powerful, photographing a child face-on can make them appear less little, and shooting from distance might emphasize solitude or insignificance.

Make an effort to shoot often


Creative blocks exist when you overwork yourself or push yourself beyond your body's limit. Know that getting as much experience as possible is the best approach to improve and that can be possible by shooting often. Invite pals over for photo shoots if you're new to the game. Ask your friends, family, or coworkers to help you out as your model, grab your camera, and offer it for free until you're fantastic. Make sure that every process is an enjoyable one for you and only then can your magic show!



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